Copse Work

Copse Work

I like the phrase ‘copse work.’ It is old-fashioned and straight forward. The more contemporary term ‘woodland management’ sounds, to my ears at least, just a little po-faced.

The original meaning of ‘copse work’ was the making of coppice products within the wood – stuff like sheep hurdles, cleft ash gates, clogs and chair legs. I’ve appropriated the term for use in a wider sense – to describe the practice of woodland husbandry, the nurturing and harvesting of a particular wood.

This work can encompass many tasks: from thinning a parcel of woodland to give selected trees more space and light to grow, to restoring derelict coppice; from removing damaged or ‘wolf trees’ to the felling and extraction of timber. You may want to create a sustainable woodfuel supply, or desire a wider mosaic of habitats in your wood to boost bio-diversity – I can advise you on all these options and carry them through if you wish.

I also offer a low-impact logging service with my compact forestry tractor. Being small and fully articulated it can work on difficult ground and is designed to extract timber with minimal disturbance to the wood and woodland floor.

One final word. I don’t have all the answers but with a certain sensibility can make a positive contribution to your woodland. There are many ways to skin a cat and this is no more true than in forestry – everyone has their own ideas. I base my advice on practical experience and feel. I am not interested in vast swathes of high forest, but rather maintaining and restoring small woods, maximising their potential as ecosystems in their own right as well as a sustainable resource for you, their steward.

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